Diving the Cooper River
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Diving the Cooper River
Our river charter diving trips offer every diver a chance to take a small piece of Charleston history back home with them. Life in Charleston and along the Cooper is rich in historical events, from the country’s earliest settlements, to the beginnings of the Civil War, building of the submarine "Little David" and the sailing and recent recovery of the submarine H.L.Hunley. When traveling to the dive sites we’ll pass along banks of the river that were once colonial plantation rice-fields built by slaves and used to grow indigo and rice.
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The Stuff that can be found
Rivers of South Carolina are world-renowned for our millions of year old fossilized Megalodon shark teeth. Charleston area rivers are well known for their colonial plantation sites and old water borne trade routes, which provide the diving artifact hunter with pottery, vintage antique bottles, plenty of 1 to 10 million year old fossilized shark teeth and bones. Other artifacts that are often found include; Whale rib and ear bones, American Mastodon and Wooly Mammoth bones and teeth. Arrowhead, Lance and Spear Points can also be found in the river bottom along with pottery shards of Early Man and Indian artifacts.
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The River
For scuba divers in the Southeast, there is probably nothing more exciting than a dive into the waters of the Cooper River above Charleston, South Carolina. At times, the dark swift moving current flows as fast as 3 knots, treating scuba divers to an exhilarating drift diving experience. On drift dives because of the current and limited visibility, divers must be practiced at the art of the buddy system or else be prepared to dive on their own if the current separates them from their buddies.
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4.5" Megalodon Tooth
5 5/8" Megalodon
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